Border Control

We were waiting for the next announcement of the changes in the border control restrictions (they are updated monthly, after the EU updates). We hoped that some traffic through the external borders would be finally allowed, but unfortunately, there were no changes in our favor. It is especially frustrating because many restrictions were lifted at the internal border, including even “traveling for romantic reasons!’ But nothing for us!Also, I called our border control to check how travel would look for Boris, and they were not super helpful. Apparently, “airlines should know” what to check, but airlines do not :).

When I asked whether a person can leave the US before the 14 quarantine days are over, they said they do not know, and can I please call CDC. Although I understand that CDC has nothing to do with border control, I called. They said that “they only have a president’s proclamation, and nothing else.” And that they have no idea, and I should check with the border control :). Beautiful. I informed them that the border control sent me into the opposite direction 🙂

Summary: nobody knows, and it will take months to have the things closer to normal.

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