Chicago Last Week

Previously, I posted some pictures which Igor took in the city on the lockdown. Back then, people were saying that the empty city looks creepy. I think, it was even more so during these days of curfew, public transportation halted and bridges up.

Here is a link to the whole photo gallery, and I will post a couple of pictures here:

Boarded off shopping plaza at northwest corner of Madison/Springfield//

Madison/Pulaski shopping district - closed store on the north side of Madison Street//

Madison Street - Protest graffiti = "My skin is not a weapon"//

North/Cicero - Southwest corner - boarded-up Food 4 Less//

Bridges raised over Chicago River - a view from the 'L' - Looking east//

Chicago Rivewalk barriers - a view from the Green 'L' Line//

Garfield Park Conservatory//

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