In Chicago For the First Time in Two Months

Since we are likely to continue working from home for another two months or so, we are getting additional monitors for working from home. First, I thought I do not need a second monitor, and I am not going to ask for one. I thought there is not enough room on my desk. But Boris suggested to bring my “fitness monitor” downstairs and check how it will fit.

I brought it down, plugged it in, and realized that I completely forgot how nice is it to have a second monitor. I didn’t want to unplug it!

So I signed up. I could choose either office pickup or home delivery. First, I wanted to go to the office for pickup. Then I thought that I won’t be able to carry a monitor in my hands, and signed up for home delivery. And then I realized that I could take my luggage and put the monitor in it. And I changed my preference again:)

Today was the day. I took a 10-25 train to the city, walked around a little bit, and got to the office at 11-45, as I signed up. The building is opened, and there are the same people at the reception, only wearing masks. I got up to the 8th floor to our office. I do not know what I was imagining, but the fact that the elevators were working, and there was electricity in the office, and that I saw my boss, all felt very reassuring.

And overall, the city gave me this feeling that it is staying strong and making it through – not like when I was there in mid-March. Back then, I had a feeling that very soon it will be the scene from the “Divergent” movie.

On the train. There were just two people in my car, but I saw several people with bikes when I was boarding, and the car next to mine had a dozen of passengers. Nobody checks the tickets.

LaSalle Street
I stopped by Chagall and told him that we will get over that and he should just hold on till we will be back
I waved to Picasso, but didn’t come close to him – he will be fine!
Starbucks on Randolph was opened for a pickup: I ordered my cappuccino and egg whites on the App, and when I walked to the store, they brought my order to the door. I asked for a stopped, and they suggested me to take one from the cup, so that they won’t touch it.

For some reason I thought that the French Market entrance will be closed, but it was not! Moreover, the French Market itself, and the CVS were opened. Which was another sign of normalcy.

Anna was saying that I should go to the city, because it will be good for my mental health. I think it would be even better if I could stay for longer, but it was good I went 🙂

3 thoughts on “In Chicago For the First Time in Two Months

  1. Hettie, we are driving now and I was reading your post to my husband. And we got to some discussion in connection to it. I want to ask you : why you have decided to pick it up not delivered. I am just curious what exactly your motivation for this decision? You did not mention it in post and could be various reasons. What was yours? Thank u


  2. Oh, I mentioned previously multiple times – I missed the city badly and was torn between the understanding of that travel being totally “non-essential” and my desire to go. A couple of weeks ago I talked to Anna about that, and she was like Mom, you need to go, just wear your mask and gloves and be smart. So I was already planning on that, and here came a reason and an opportunity.
    Just to reiterate: everybody has their level of comfort of what to do and what not to do, and I am in no position to judge anybody. Especially since nobody knows whether we are under-reacting or over-reacting. I am more cautious because I communicate with mom; otherwise, I wouldn’t even think about it for so long. Judging our current situation, I assert, that travel did not compromise the safety of the people close to me.


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