Spring Weather

Leap year is for no good; that’s what everybody says. What a weird winter we had! “We” – meaning the whole world. There was no snow in most of the territories, and the weather was alarmingly mild. I was telling everybody – wait, winter is not over! We live in Illinois; we can have snow in April! How right and how wrong I was! It feels now that there will be winter for the whole year.
Spring never started. It tried to start a couple of times, but then winter would return. On Monday, we woke up to see everything outside covered with snow. Not just with some, but with really heavy snow.

Oddly enough, it was all gone by the afternoon (the same place at 4 PM)

And then by Wednesday, it became really warm. Everybody, tiered of being incarcerated at their homes, got outside, and a lot of people completely forgot that the governor’s order allowed being outside only at the six feet distance. People started to get together in groups, started to play soccer and basketball. It was insane. Mayor Lori announced that she would close the Lakefront. And today, she did. She closed the Lakefront along with my favorite part of the city – the Riverwalk. And all adjoined parks. The 606 trail. I feel sorry for all the people in the city, but they should have followed the shelter in place order. To be honest, in my village people were equally careless on the first warm day – we just have fewer people. Our Park District closed all the playgrounds and outdoor gyms. The trails are opened, and while biking, I saw a number of private playgrounds where children from several different families were playing together. What can I say …

It’s warmer now, but still no grass, no spring flowers, no buds …

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