The Weekend Worries

On Friday, after I called my eye doctor, then next thought which occurred to me was thought about Igor’s moving to the new place. At the end of February, Igor received a note that the lease on his apartment id not going to be renewed. For historical accuracy, I have to mention that the level of hoarding was unacceptable by his landlord standards. We all had a couple of weeks of worries, mostly because we were wondering whether his current landlord will give him a bad reference. I offered to co-sign, and he secured one place in Rogers Park. A couple of days later, it turned out that another place approved him as well, but he already signed with this Rogers Park place.

I gave him a hard time about signing the new lease starting from March 15, because it meant paying for an extra two weeks. He was not ready to move on the 15th anyway, and Vlad told him he would help him to move on the 22nd.

And here comes the lockdown announcement. I called Vlad and said that I think he should try to move Igor on that same day. Vlad was saying the Igor is not ready and not packed, for which I’ve said that there may be problems finding a truck the next day.

In short, Vlad was a hero. He got the truck and moved all bulk items, and I forced Igor to sort a lot of stuff and to throw away a lot of stuff. We all took a deep breath.

The second point of concern for the same weekend was Anna’s open house. Originally they planned to put their house on the market two weeks later, but since life was shutting down quite rapidly, their realtor suggested to hurry up. That was also a gigantic effort. I do not even know how they pulled it all together, but the house was on the market, and they had several showings scheduled for that weekend, and they sold it. The state of Wisconsin didn’t have a shelter in place order over the weekend, it was announced on Monday :).

After that reason to worry was relieved, there was just normal “new normal.” Except that I’ve accidentally broken a touchpad/mouse on my Mom’s laptop, and had to order a whole new device because there are no repair shops with humans opened. I’ve ordered it on Friday, and it should arrive that Thursday – this is the speed of Amazon delivery these days. The situation was especially bad because Mom just finished typing a huge document that she needed to send out. Boris had spent two hours on FaceTime with me, explaining how I can work this computer with only a keyboard and no mouse. Under his guidance, I was able to copy the said file to the flash drive and sent it to the addressee.

And this concludes the series of unfortunate events of last week.

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