The State of the United States

I don’t understand how officials of all ranks issue their orders without even thinking about the consequences—both for the economy in general and for each person.

I can’t imagine the impact on the entertainment/catering/restaurant business. All so sudden and so abrupt. I talked to Vlad yesterday; he said he would be fine, but he worries about other employees in the bar, people who are paid hourly wages, and who now will get no paid time off, and no tips. That is such a significant portion of the country’s population! They have no safety net, no savings. When I was talking to Vlad, just twenty hours ago, he was saying that the closing will only apply to bars and restaurants, that the fast-food cafes will stay open – not anymore!

I do not understand how people are expected to manage: schools are closed, daycare facilities closed, and you should not ask grandparents to babysit, and you are still supposed to work. And some are not even allowed to work from home.

Last week I was saying that the world is canceled. But I was optimistic – this week, it is even more so now. I could not even imagine how many things could be canceled. Most of my volunteering is canceled, including the youth shelter; they do not reply to my emails, although they sent a generic email about preventive measures. I do not want to think that I was the only person who answered that I could come. The Forest preserve volunteering was canceled last weekend, which made me mad – ten people outside – really? The weather was bad anyway, but I was still upset with the fact itself. The only volunteering which is keeping the schedule is Clinic escorts. I went to escort on Saturday. It was a bad idea because it was cold, and I do not tolerate the cold when I need to stand in one place. But I felt I needed to do at least something good.

Back to my worries.

The first category of people I worry about is hourly/tipped workers. The second one is the freelancers. Igor has the stuff to cover so far, but he told me that the freelance artists who mainly work at the art fairs and other public events are desperate.

Then come homeless. I am thinking about their situation, and I have no idea what will be happening. Tonight, I will email some people who supposedly know, but thinking about the shelters, about the Night Bus… there are dozen of people at once, so what we are going to do with “not more than ten people?” And now, that nobody is coming to work in Downtown, how will be giving money to the people on the streets? How will they survive?

And what about illegal immigrants? When there are millions in the country, who will be testing them for corona? Will they be willing to come out and be tested, after all the recent threats? Can they skip their factories jobs if they are sick?!

I have a feeling that the president is not aware that these categories of people even exist! And I am mad that there is no protection for the most vulnerable ones. Do not even start talking to me about the individual responsibilities – there have to be a universal healthcare system.

4 thoughts on “The State of the United States

  1. Yeah, everything about economics is extremely sad, and scary, and just unbelievable. Even if we disregard plummeting global processes (stock market situation, expected bancrupcy of large corporations, suffering of businesses and international cooperation in particular, etc.), the daily life of ordinary people is under major threats now, especially for those that have no savings and live from one weekly/monthly wage to another. And it should be noted that the quarantine is likely to last for months, because if the quarantine measures are successful, it means that the disease would spread more slowly, and this would require to keep the quarantine for as long as there are new cases of infection are registered — if we are successful in this slowing, if might take several months.

    I just hope that in several weeks, quarantine measures would start to “loosen” either spontaneously (because for most people the risks associated with the lack of money and unempoyment and hunger and disruption of all normal life activities are much more serious than the risks associated with the infection), or because the governments would know more precisely which measures are justified and effective and which should be abandoned.

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    1. Since people here are very disciplined, I do not foresee the situation that somebody will get tired of the measures. But I sincerely hope they will find more efficient ways to deal with the spread of the virus, if not for people’s sake (unfortunately, this administration does not care much), then for the sake of the economy.

      We are in a double lockdown with my husband now, waiting for the EU measures to be formalized (they supposed to be voted for tonight). If the permanent EU residents are equalized to the citizen, we still can travel, providing there will be any flights left), otherwise, he can’t re-enter Finland (and I can’t enter since I am a spouse of a permanent resident, not a citizen). So depending on this decision, either we both can travel, or none of us.


  2. The required sanitizing of all the equipment after the workday is really more than I personally want to deal with now…HOWEVER Weed Scouting is the perfect activity to do good and be safe. You should be extra vigilant in that area where they removed the deer exclosure. Garlic Mustard has been growing protected in there for several years. We wouldn’t want it to spread!

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    1. Yep, sanitizing equipment is an extrim! I will definitely do the scouting and maybe we can do in the groups less than ten 🙂


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