El Greco Exhibit in the Art Institute

On Friday, I was planning to see El Greco exhibit in the Art Institute, since now the museum has after-hours three days a week, including Friday. I was anxiously monitoring their website, which was saying that the museum is opened. Finally, since there was not that many people in the office, I decided to go there during the lunch break. We were told to work from home on Thursday evening, but since I left on Thursday before that announcement, I had to come on Friday to pick up some stuff.

I was approaching the museum and wondering whether it was still opened. I was; there were not that many people inside, but there were some, and I was so happy I had that chance to enjoy the exhibit. Actually, the closing was announced two hours after I left the building :), so I was lucky indeed.

There are two painters, El Greco and Botticelli, whom I seriously consider the time travelers. When I look at their painting, it is impossible to believe that they were painted several hundred years ago, they look like the artists “already knew it all.” Just look at that portrait and at that landscape – don;t you think they are very “impressionistic”?

Some other paintings I really liked:

They said that the kneeling old man on that picture might be El Greco’s self portrait – it was one of the last of his paintings.

I hope that the Art Institute will reopen in April and people will be able to see that exhibit! I was so thankful I got this chance – it really helped in coping with everything what’s going on.

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