Post-surgery Day

Now about Wednesday. I already had some vision in the right eye even before I went to bed, and in the morning, I’ve realized it is now the same as in the left eye, maybe slightly better. The eye overall felt tons better than the first one after the surgery. I do not know what the surgeon did wrong the first time, and I am not going to try to find out:)

I had a follow-up in the morning, Vlad got into really bad traffic, and was late. But since now he is an excellent planner, we still arrived virtually on time. This time we didn’t have to wait for the doctor. My eyes were checked, and the right one appeared to be the same about -2.75.
Although this time, the surgeon sat with me and asked what questions I had, it didn’t feel like he was interested in me. I asked all I needed to confirm (eyes dryness, when I can resume my training, makeup, etc.) I will have a follow-up with him in three months, and the retina doctor follow up in four months, and endless visits with my eye doctor to finalize my prescription (which might take 4-5 more weeks)

I needed to take my mom to the same eye doctor for her annual, and I figured out I will make her appointment on the same day since Vlad will be there anyway. So when I realized I would need to adjust my glasses for the right eye, I called my doctor. They said they are booked 100% until Tuesday, “but let’s see what the doctor will say.” I also called the Lenzcrafters to see whether their lab person will be in, but they said he is in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only. Which meant I wouldn’t be able to get glasses that day.

And here comes the story of how Vlad was a hero. Realizing that I hated the idea to miss one more day at work, he searched for the Lenzcrafter’s locations in the city and found one which as pretty close to my work. He called them, and we learned that they have an optometrist on the store, and a lab manned for most of the day every day. They would only do on-site the lenses of -5 or less, but that was enough for me.

We pickup up my mom and went to the eye doctor. She managed to squizz in both checking my mom’s vision and mine. Then Vlad started to call back to these people in the city to find out whether they have the lenses I needed. It turned out, they didn’t have these cylinders, and then my doctor asked, which ones they have, and said it would be fine, at least better than nothing.
She wrote a new prescription. They said they need both eyes, and that they do not have my current let eye lenses.

I have to mention that meanwhile, Vlad dropped off my mom, and we were already driving to the city because the lab person had to leave at 5 PM. Whoever had ever driven to Chicago at that time of the day on the weekday, understands what I mean:). While driving, Vlad was calling my eye doctor and Lenzcrafter multiple times, because they wanted the adjusted prescription to be faxed to them. Also, it turned out that since I made my glasses with Lenzcrafter (even though it was a different location), they had me in the system, and they could replace a lens for free. And they had my measurements, so they started to cut the lens while we were driving.

Vlad got there five minutes to five, parked illegally:) and we ran into the store. There, I gave my frame to the optician, and in five minutes, I had my glasses ready. Yes, that was not an exact prescription, and so I still see funny where two eyes meet, but who cares! It’s tons better than without glasses! And the vision will be changing anyway:)

Vlad asked me whether I am going to be OK, and I told him I would, and then I walked back to the train station to go home.

On our way to the city, I was telling Vlad that I can’t imagine what I would do without him. He said – I will have to be more patient 🙂

Oh, and that time Vlad brought me Swedish pastries:)

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