More Details on the Second Eye Surgery

Once again, tons of details, mostly for my real-life friends.

Probably the worst thing about these eye surgeries so far was these four days before the second surgery when I had to take my right contact lense out. I asked my doctor whether it will make any sense to take out one of my -14 lenses and put my -2.75 in the left eye, and she shook her head and said I wouldn’t be able to see anything. So I had to survive with one eye.

For some reason, when I was talking to the clinic staff in the fall, I believed them when they told me that I would be fine with one eye for two weeks “because people use one eye most of the time anyway.” I should have been skeptical since by then, I already knew they do not understand the severity of my situation, but for some reason, I believed them.

When I took out the right lens, the feeling was horrible. Surprisingly, it was not so bad outside, because the right eye was mostly turned off, but I found it close to impossible to be on the computer, because the vision in both eyes was so different, and I still didn’t have a good idea how to use the left one up close. I almost cried when I when to bed. The only way to comfort me was to think that Boris has to go through similar hardships all the time. Unfortunately, those were the days when he was in India (good for him, but I had to survive without his moral support).

The first thing I tried the next morning was to see what will happen if I put a patch over my operated eye and pt the -14 glasses on my right eye. It turned out, in ten days I already forgot what a toucher. My doctor was right!

Initially, Anna and Nadia planned to come and stay with me for that weekend, to brighten my life, but Naida got sick on Friday, and Anna followed, and I could not get any germs before surgery. I had to find somebody to drive mom and me to the store, at the same time not exposing the fact that I am not wearing the right lens – I didn’t want Mom to know the exact day of surgery. She is getting nervous for no particular reason, and I had enough reasons for myself to be nervous :).

After all, all the things got resolved, and my friend was able to drive us to the store, and I pretended she just wanted to talk to me. Mom got moderately suspicious, but that was it.
Boris was back from India to Helsinki, and we talked for two hours, and I found my balance. I still could not so stuff on a computer for an extended time (and that’s what I needed most), and Boris encouraged me to go to work on Monday so that I could do productive talking :).

As I mentioned, the second surgery was better, although I lost two pounds in two days again. But at least I feel less exhausted than last time.

2 thoughts on “More Details on the Second Eye Surgery

  1. I am so glad to hear it is over now and the second surgery went better than the first! In just a little while, it will be all forgotten and you will enjoy your improved vision! Take care of yourself!

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