One the Positive Side

Three people reminded me yesterday about the Fat Tuesday – and I’ve honestly forgotten about it! So made a run to the Eurofresh to get some paczkis (in case people doubt I eat paczkis – I do!)

One with custard, one with prunes

Also, I got to sleep without an eye shield for the first time after the surgery and was able to use the face mask and to apply a hydration cream on my eyelid – first time since the surgery.

Also, since my “no bending” ban is lifted, I could do all of my yoga poses, including a downward-facing dog (and I can tell, I didn’t do it for a whole week!) It is going to be a productive day today!

2 thoughts on “One the Positive Side

  1. I have no idea what paczkis are but they look delicious!

    Are you supposed to sleep with an eye shield for a week? They never told me that, good to know. They, however, told me not to bend for a few weeks so I am going to stay away from the gym for a while. I will just go for walks.

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  2. The shield is mostly to protect from accidental touches, and the instructions might differ, In fact, I find this “one week” very arbitrary. So you might as well get different instructions.

    Paczkis are Polish pastries which you eat on FatTuesday, the same as you eat bliny during Maslennitsa. Same idea very fatty pastries before Lentle.


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