Eye Surgery Details

For my real-life and/or long term friend, more detail about surgery and the aftermath.

Until the week before surgery, I was sure that I am getting the multifocal lenses, which should correct every issue I have, except for maybe some minor close vision problems. Last time I was at the doctor’s office for final measurement, a surgery coordinator reassured me once again that any multifocal will correct my distant vision 100%.

I didn’t believe that statement from the very beginning. But the staff was repeating it over and over again. They were saying that I might still need readers from time to time, but that’s it.
The surgeon called me five days before saying, that “with the type of lenses I’ve chosen, he can’t give me 20/20 vision, I will remain nearsighted.

As you can imagine, I started to interrogate him about what type will do the correction, and he said – monofocal, but they won’t give you anything else, no astigmatism correction. Just go with our original plan, you will have – 2 – 2.5 left, and in three months I will do Lasic on you. I said that I do not care about Lasic; my concern is how I will function in between. He said that I could wear glasses in between. And he strongly recommends fo me to go that way, “as I would advise my relative.” And I said – OK.

Most of my worries about these surgeries were exactly that – that they won’t make my eyes good enough, and in between of two surgeries and some time after I will be completely dysfunctional. Now, I knew for sure I would, but I also knew that I could live indoors with -2, and I thought maybe ai will need glasses just for driving. Boris told me: let’s not worry about any things which can happen. There is no way out, only forward, and let’s worry about things that will actually happen.

So Vlad drove me to the surgery. They checked me in, filled in more papers. Then they started to put eyedrops in my eye. And then they gave me valium, with slight concern that I am too small for the dose. Which appeared to be correct, since I fall asleep on the spot, and didn’t hear the discharge instructions which were given to Vlad.

The surgery was uncomfortable. Local anesthetics are never good with me, and even with my known high pain tolerance, I felt discomfort. But I will spare my friends from the details.

Shortly after the surgery was over, the nurse told us we could leave. My operated eye was covered with a plastic shield, and the eye was foggy, so I could not understand what has changed.
Later, the local anesthetic started to wear off, and it was sn increasing pain. Besides, my eye was still dilated, so I could not stand the bright light.

Finally, I remembered that there were discharge instructions :), and found them. Then happily took to capsules of extra-strength Tylenol and went to bed at 9-40 PM. I had to put that shield over my operated eye.

I was hoping that by morning the fog will be gone, and I will be able to see clearler where do I stand with my vision.

Nest morning (today) I ware up, take a shield off y eye, and see that although my vision has changed, it does not look even close to -2…

To be continued.

3 thoughts on “Eye Surgery Details

  1. Full recovery (meaning, that I will be able to wear new prescription contacts) is four weeks, but
    T my second eye is another two week away. All this time in the middle I am not completely functional, so I am trying to find ways to get there. Being in the US, if you can’t drive, is challenging. I can manage myself, but not plus mother. I will get more details today 🙂


  2. Thanks for the update and I hope it is getting better now!

    It doesn’t sound too bad so far. This is true, they can do Lasik after, it will be a lot easier.

    But I am still anxiously waiting to hear the rest of your story – my own surgery is in two weeks and now I am worried I might have underestimated the complexity and recovery time. They told me when they perform my surgery on a Friday, by Monday I would be able to drive and function normally. And people I talked to confirm it. But you never know.

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