Eye Surgery – One Done

I have trouble looking at the screen, so just a very quick update. I got my left eye operated; so far it is extremely foggy, so it’s hard to tell what it turned out to be. The surgeon told me that I have something about -2.5 left, but once again, I can’t tell now.

Now I can only see with non-operated eye, for which I can wear my old contact for the next ten days.

Will have a follow-up tomorrow.

it feels worse now than when the picture was taken, but hopefully will be better tomorrow

8 thoughts on “Eye Surgery – One Done

  1. Good! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, I am sure it will be better tomorrow and even better the day after! Keep us posted. I want all the details when you get the chance 🙂

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    1. I will know more today. It turned to be worse , than the best possible, but better than the worst possible:). I will post more later today.


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