Today, my day started in the middle of the night: there was a text message about suspicious activity on my Mastercard. And yes, they identified it correctly.

I use this card moderately and have very few scheduled payments on it, so I am surprised it got compromised. But I am getting more and more impress with how quickly any credit card fraud department can identify suspicious transactions.

I got a text at 2 AM, and email a couple of hours later. I promptly replied that these transactions are not mine, and they stopped the card immediately, issued me a new number immediately and shipped the new card.

Letting me know the new number is great, last time I had a compromised card, I had to wait for a new one to arrive physically. It took me just ten minutes to restore the normal order of events in my life. Just keeping telling everybody: online fraud is the best one, easiest to detect, and you won’t be charged anything extra

3 thoughts on “Today’sAdventures

  1. We’ve had the same happen too many times. One of the latest card frauds was my husbands and at the same time they were able to hijack his cell phone account. They were trying to order thousands of dollars of computer equipment and having both of these would allow them to use double verification for the purchase. He detested the card fraud first and used my phone to shut it down. It was close! That was very troubling that they could transfer his cell #.

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  2. Yep, I remember your cell phone story! For me, this time was virtually painless, and fortunately, my cell was not hijacked!


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