Eye Surgery Update

That’s for my real-life friends. I went to do the eye measurements today. Today there were no delays, and also, I was not dilated, but still, it took a lot of time.

I confirmed which type of lenses I want, signed tons of papers, and received tons of instructions. I already read them three times, including two pages of possible complications (which are always scary!)

The good part is that they told me that after my first surgery I could wear a contact lens on the second eye, except for the last three days before surgery. So I am going to be one-eyed for only three days. Also, I can’t get any water in the operated eye for a week (have to go with my hair unwashed?!), can’t do heavy exercises for a week after each surgery, and also I have to do eyedrops.

Let me tell you – this is something! There are three kinds of drops, and you need to put the into an operated eye before and after each surgery and somehow not to mess up! Once a day, twice a day, do not touch an operated eye, but make sure the drop stays in …

Ohm and also – not only the surgery is not covered by insurance, but even the eye drops are not covered either! The total cost of these three microscopic bottles will come to over $600.

The better part: they offer zero percent interest credit for 20 months. There will be some fees, but I am going to take it – just in case.

To summarize: I am still freaking out, and each and all of my children have told me I should not do it silently. And I will be freaking out until all is done. But I am more informed now:)

2 thoughts on “Eye Surgery Update

  1. Мы с тобой примерно на одном этапе, только я почему-то абсолютно не волнуюсь. Мне дали похожие инструкции, только что нельзя воду в глаз ничего не говорили. И свекровь, которая делала такую операцию в прошлом году, ничего не упоминала.
    Удачи тебе! Уверена, что всё будет хорошо.

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    1. Sorry, I didn’t see that your comment went to spam – I believe WP sends all “non-native language comments to spam, at least the first comment from a specific user. In the more recent post, I shared more details about what are the concerns 🙂


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