I Just Have to Say (a Rant)

Last year was a year of big and small changes, which I was mostly happy about. I am not talking about changes in my views, preceptions or any professional achievement; those were all changes in my everyday life. I changed my hairdresser, my nail spa, and my dentist, and also my tax preparer. The latter one was by personal recommendation, and I was very much satisfied with the outcome. 

Last year, I visited the tax preparer office in person. It was about 25 min drive one way, and we talked for about 30 min. And that was it. 

This year, since nothing except numbers have changed, I was hoping I can send him all my supporting documentation. Instead, I got a very thick envelope in the mail (it arrived when I was in Cyprus), and it contained a questionnaire I needed to fill, even if this is not the first time they are doing my taxes. I already spent two hours on it, and I am not done yet! I will be lucky if I will be able to mail it by Saturday. Honestly, I feel like I’ve already prepared my tax returns by myself 🙂

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