Getting Ready to Go to Cyprus

I am leaving in less than three days, and I am still only partially packed and can get a feel neither about the weather nor the dress code of the event. I have never been to Cyrpus, and at this time of the year, people do not go to Cyprus :).

I just got a long email from the conference organizers, and at the very end of that super-long email, they mention that the electric plug on Cyprus is English! I would not have an idea! In fact, I already packed my European connectors :). Good to know :).
In addition, I am staying after work today to run Chicago PUG meetup, and I am going to the shelter tomorrow night to cook dinner with the residents. And Thursday is my last day in the office before I leave, and also I need to visit Mom :). And I really want to rehearse my presentation a couple of times… Wish me luck 🙂

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go to Cyprus

  1. Cyprus should be a really exciting trip. It’s a very off-the-beaten path kind of place, that most people would choose to skip over. You’ll have to take lots of photos! (if you get out of the conference room)

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    1. It should be nice, but I am not sure how much time we will have outside the conference, that’s true. Also its the most possible off-season time of the year, the temperatures are somewhere in the lower 60s. that’s why I can’t figure out what to wear :). I will take as many photos as aI can. I promise!

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  2. Thank you! It’s lovely here, even in January. It’s not a tourist trip for me, mostly the conference, but I am trying to do at least some sightseen!


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