Now Life is Getting Better and More Holiday-like

Last night I was finally done with preparation for my training, meaning I completed the presentations for the last two topics. I will do a dry tun of this last hour, the same as I did for the previous five hours for my coworkers. There will be still lots of edits, proof-reads, etc. but at least I have no more untouched parts. There is still work, more work than ever, and also lots of things to do for the conference and the holidays, but I feel tons better now!
Even during this crazy week, I still had some holiday fun. On Thursday, we had a Thanksgiving potluck at work. I decided that this is a good opportunity for me to expand people’s horizons and made borsch — tons of it. Two large containers went to the potluck, another two – to the Youth Shelter, one – to my neighbors, and one – to Mom.

The potluck itself was great, lots of food of all possible origins. As usual, desserts are my favorite part of the deal, and I made an effort to sample them all 🙂

Also, in short breaks between meetings, I managed to get to the post office and to B&N and get the holiday packaging and the Christmas cards.

I always order holiday stamps directly from the USPS website, because in the post offices, they often run out of some designs. This time I could not resist ordering a couple of USPS ornaments 🙂

More to come!

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