Day Two in Ann Arbor – Nature

We were planning to start from the Botanic garden, but it was not opened till 10 AM, so we went to Bandemer Park first. The views of the river were stunning! We saw lots of people walking the trails, and some even biking, although I thought there is not enough room on these tiny narrow trails.

Barton Dam
A walnut tree – see some nuts up there?

The next stop was the Matthaei Botanic Garden. Sure, it is smaller than the Chicago one, but it is very nice, both the greenhouse part and the nature trails.

Here are some shots from the greenhouse:

A sausage tree
If the above one is a sausage tree, then this is definitely spaghetti and sausage tree
Floral kaleidoscope (see the video below)

Isn’t it just an amazing idea?!..

“Fly trap”
The bonsai display
How to grow your own bonsai

And then there were lots and lots of different natural trails.

The weather was just perfect for these trail walks – around 68F, no wind and overcast.

After our visit to the Botanic garden, we had a quick lunch at Panera, and soon were on the road again!

6 thoughts on “Day Two in Ann Arbor – Nature

    1. Oh, that’s the old post, it’s just that WP decided to relate it to my yesterday’s one! But yes, that other trip was lovely!


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