Staying in Ann Arbor – Life is Wonderful!

This weekend I am in Ann Arbor visiting my dear friend Lena. Lena used to live in Palatine; five minutes drive from me. She is a great person and a true friend, and we have a lot in common, no matter 20 years age difference, me being a crazy workaholic, and her being a homemaker for a long time. I was very sad when they moved to Ann Arbor because of her husband’s work. She visits me from time to time, but it’s not the same. Now, two years after she moved I finally came to visit her.

On Friday after work, I took a Wolverine train from the Union station.

This train moves with speed over 110 mph, but due to the issues with its computer, we were one hour and fifteen minutes late. Lena had to stay up late to meet me at the train station, and we didn’t go to bed till 1 AM, but at 6-30 AM today we were up and ready for adventure.

We had an amazing day. After breakfast, we went to the farmer’s market and had fun there, although it is not as good as the Madison one.

We went to the newly reopened Museum of Natural history and took a free tour.

Mastodon and Mammoth teeth
This fish had bones in his eyes!

We had an unforgettable sandwich at Zingerman Deli, cappuccinos in Expresso Royal, and ice cream in the waffle cone in the Kilwin’s Ice Cream.

We visited the Art Museum:

and explored the University campus.

I bought tons of things in the ‘Cherry Republic”

We gathered tomatoes and cucumbers in Lena’s garden, and we toured their neighborhood.

Lena set the samovar on the deck, and we had mint tea.

Life is wonderful 🙂

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