A Trip to Indiana Dunes

Last Saturday Igor and I went on our traditional late-summer trip to Indiana Dunes. Igor was the first to discover this amazing place (I mean, it has been known for everybody except us, so we “discovered” it for ourselves. I love each, and single thing about Dunes. Each time we are taking this long trip (I am not driving long-distance, so it is really long, with two trains and lots of walking) I am asking myself, why in the world I am doing this :). Why spend several hours to soak yourself into the same Lake Michigan, just at the different part of it. But when I get here, I instantly remember: oh, that’s why! Because the water is so clear, and the sand is so white and overall – this place talks to you!

Most of the time I am trying to get a bigger crowd to come with us, but this time I get sick just before the planned trip, and I was not sure whether I would be able to go, so I didn’t invite anybody.

We have lots of stories about the weather and how it would interfere with our trips, one takeaway was – do not trust any weather forecast. However, when Saturday morning the forecast turned to “thunderstorms from 12 to 2”. I’ve called Igor and asked whether we are still going, and shouldn’t we postpone our trip to Sunday.

After some discussion, we decided to go, and I am so glad we did!

I packed my new rolling bag for the first time. I got it several months ago to deal with my current inability to carry heavy stuff for an extended period. It was advertised as being able to walk the stairs and to roll on the beach. Both proved to be true and worked wonderfully. However, I found an unexpected problem with dragging something relatively heavy behind me, rather than rolling four-wheel luggage. Still, I need to figure out what precisely is wrong, but I had to give it to Igor on the long stretches. It worked great on the beach itself though, because unlike regular luggage it can stand it in the sand, and I could take out stuff and put in.

From Chicago, we had to take the South shore electric line from the Millennium station.

All the way there we were looking out of the window checking the weather. When we arrived, it was cloudy, but no rain! So we decided to head right to the beach before the weather would change for the worse.

We were lucky – there were some drops of rain here and there, but that was it. None of the beach-goes even bother to cover themselves. What was striking though -how much did the beach territory diminish since the last time I was there, not mentioning since the first time I was there!

The Lake View today
A year ago
In 2012

The good part is that Lake Michigan is the same – perfectly clean and welcoming!

The water is completely see-through
This is a view through the water, too!
The dunes are washed away

We started to walk back, when the periodic drops turned into the light rain. Which didn’t last long, and didn’t become heavy, but it was time to go anyway!

The next picture is a culmination of a story, which started a year ago. Last year Igor bought a very special souvenir in the beach store by the Beverly shores train station. It was a glass Christmas ornament, filled with the beach sand. I love (and collect) Christmas ornaments, and I love the Dunes, so it was indeed a perfect present for me. Igor managed to get it safe to Chicago, and then – to Madison, WI where we spent Christmas at my daughter’s house. Then it made safe back to Chicago, and then… I dropped it on the floor inside the house, and it broke!

I told Igor that next year we will buy a new ornament to replace this one. So we went to the beach store and asked the owner whether he has some of these ornaments. He replied: maybe if I dig around… Igor said: we have 20 minutes till the train to Chicago… and we found it! This one ornament was waiting for us!

It made to Chicago safe:), and now it is in a secure place waiting for it’s first Christmas to come!

And BTW, did you know that you need to push the button to stop the train?!

Here you go!
A train to Chicago is approaching

And on Sunday morning there was such a heavy rain, that we were glad we made it on Saturday!

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