Amsterdam Day 3 – Stedelijk Museum And More

Beautiful museum! I could spend a whole day there, and actually, it required some effort on my side to leave it :). Starting from impressionists, followed by my most loved Chagall, Kandinsky, and Malevich.

I am always stunned by the fact, how different totalitarian regimes are using the same propaganda arsenal for seemingly opposite purposes like this one condemns bolshevism using the same symbol as bolshevik’s propaganda used to condemn “world imperialism.”

And this poster provides a very unconventional (by today’s standards) outlook of feminism and women’s rights:

More pictures from the museum. I loved how space is organized, allowing both chronological collections exploration and following the particular art schools. Boris even found some Aalto furniture :).

One of the first audio systems called the Snow White coffin

I’ve reluctantly left the museum mostly because I was indeed overwhelmed with impressions and could not take in any more. I suspect that Boris was happy with that fact because it seemed to be too much even for his high tolerance to modern art :).
The museum cafe was about to close and had almost no good food left, so we found something outside the museum, which was Okey-ish, although the signs were funny:

Afterward, we’ve started our walk to the Voldenpark which was marked as “must-see” in the app (and it was rather close to where we were), so we decided – why not. But perhaps we needed more cultural context. From the first glance, with tons of people on the grass on this beautiful Sunday, it was more like a Central Park for Culture and Recreation in Saint Petersburg. Probably, if you do not know anything about the significance of Grant Park in Chicago, you won’t be able to tell, what’s a big deal (note, I am not comparing to the Millennium Park, because it has a Bean :)). Anyway – more Amsterdam for you!

A mirror positioned in front of the clothing store – I like KappAhl line “You look great” much better!

The last stop of Day Three was the Old Church in the Red Lights district. The interesting fact about this church is that it is indeed old (13th century) and that it is still functioning as a church. Boris was trying to tell me that this is not the Red Lights district until I’ve pointed to the prostitute in the window we were passing.

The church has an office that was issuing the marriage licenses, and now they have a marriage license of Rembrandt and Saskia on display.

More of the church interior:

The church interior on the 17th century painting
600-years old table – how cool is that?!
The church cafe
The best apple pie ever!

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