Small Town Chicago v.2

Friday happened to be a FannieMay day. I was picking up the River Cruise tickets for my friend, and when passing a FannieMay store at the corner of Michigan and Waker saw a large sign in the shop window:

I’ve entered the store and looked around. There were all sorts of sweet activities going on. You could taste local coffees with FannieMay chocolates; you could see how the famous FannieMay turtles are being made:

And then there was ice-cream. Buy one scoop, get one free. How could I pass it?! I’ve stopped to make an important decision regarding the flavor, and heard somebody saying :

- Thinking about getting some ice-cream today?

And it sounded like this person was talking to me in a more “personable” way, that to an average customer. I’ve turned around and looked at the store associate:

- Wait, did you work in another FannieMay store, the one at the Ogilvie station?
- Yes, I did!
- And do you remember me? I used to..
- Of cause! Of cause i remember you!
- Why you didn't email me back then? I had some European chocolate for you!
- I thought I did.
- Well, I will bring some to you next time I am in Europe, to keep my two-years ago promise. Now, that I know where you work. Do you have a scheduler?
- I am a store manager now, so I am here every day.

Coffee, and chocolate, and strawberry ice-cream – isn’t it enough to make your day?!

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