Salmon Soup Recipe – One More Time

After we returned back from California, I made the salmon soup at home. I wanted Boris to try it and compare with the “real” salmon soup. Also, I wanted to give the soup to all my neighbors to try.

I made the same amount of soup as I did in ODS, that is – this recipe times four. Everybody loved it! I hope that my friends will try to make it – it’s not difficult at all, humans can do it!

Actually, since there was plenty, I froze some of it – we’ll see how it will taste after I defrost it.

The Salmon Soup Triumph.

When I was at ODS last time, we talked briefly about “doing something new, ” and I had two ideas about what it could be. One of these ideas was Finnish salmon soup, and that’s what we decided to try today.

Now, as much as I love salmon soup, I never tried to reproduce it at home, although I had a recipe from my friend Natasha. The task seemed a little bit challenging, especially because I had to multiply the recipe by four (for 16 people instead of 4).

It was a smashing success! Several folks helped me, and when I looked at the pot, I knew that everything came together perfectly.

Everybody praised the soup endlessly, and everybody was coming for seconds and thirds. The youth asked to make the same soup again next time, promising they will never get tired of it 🙂

Svekolnik – Cold Summer Soup

I make this cold soup every summer as the temperatures start to hit the 80s, and make it every week un til it cools outside. Many people are suspicious about this soup because it is pink :). But if they are brave enough to try, they love it.

My CSA deliveries have started in July and the last week’s delivery was just perfect.

Here is the most important part of what I’ve got:

Here are my step by step instructions. First, you separate the leaves from the roots:

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