Recent Baking

I baked a lot during the last several weeks.

One thing which I recently mastered (and I could not believe it was so fast and easy) was a berry cake from one of my Finnish friends. I always loved the cheese-based topping on most of the Finnish pies, and now I know how to make it 🙂

The recipe is here.

Also, at the very end of October, at one-before-last farmer’s market, I spotted rhubarb, which was a miracle. the vendor explained that while they were planting the last greens in the greenhouse, they thought – why not? So I bought a lot, and made a rhubarb-strawberry pie, as I baked several times in early summer.

Also, I made tiramisu several times, because now I know that it’s not really time-consuming, and always turns out great.

Finally, I tried one more recipe: this chocolate pudding. Once again, it was amazingly simple and heavenly delicious.

Now, for the next month, I am going switch entirely to Christmas cookies!

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