Simple Solutions

For a while now, I thought I needed a new fridge because the one I have now is most likely as old as the house after the rehab, that’s circa 2005, and also, it was generating some weird noise. The noise stopped a couple of weeks ago, but still- I do not want to be in a situation where I need to buy something immediately because the old one is broken.

I knew that I would have a problem with the fridge height – there is a shelf right above it, and the existing fridge just – barely-makes it. And I had a similar problem in Palatine, but there it was an actual hard limit.

I spent a lot of time on the internet (it turned out that you can’t ask Google “less than 67-inch height!” I mean, you can ask, but the results will be unsatisfactory).

So I spent a lot of time looking for a suitable model, and then I finally limited my search to three, and I asked Boris to help me to make a final selection. When we got on the call, I started by saying that I couldn’t get all the cool new features I wanted because all the newer models were higher than 67 inches. For that, Boris replied: why won’t we just lift the shelf several inches up? It’s plenty of room above it! And then I realized that I was subconsciously led by my Palatine experience where there was nothing to lift! I checked how this shelf is attached, and it turned out it’s just four screws on each side and one board on each side!

We decided to wait till Boris comes at the end of the month and move the shelf up, and then I can choose the fridge of my dreams!

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