Mom’s SSI

That’s something I completely and entirely don’t understand. For the longest time, whenever I talked to the people from the Social Security Administration, they told me that Mom could apply for SSI after she lived in the US for five years, regardless of her citizenship status. When I called to inquire about the same thing in April, a person with whom I talked assured me that it was all fine and signed us up for the phone interview.

When we got on the phone for the interview last week, the lady who was talking to us told us that my mom is not eligible because although she lived here for five years, she didn’t work, and she is not a citizen yet. Then she said that my mom can apply when her citizenship is approved. I thought that that was the end of the story, but she collected all the other information and said that my mom can’t have that much money in the bank as she has in our joint account. So I was like: should I remove it? And she was: I am not saying that, but…

So again, super annoying, but I thought: oh, well, we will restart the process when mom is a citizen. And then on Monday, she received a letter stating that her application will be reviewed.

There are sever minor inaccuracies there, so it looks like we will need to call there anyway, but this all is very confusing. And takes tons of time.

Mom is freaking out that she won’t understand the questions on the citizenship interview, and I am freaking out that she is freaking out. On the brighter side, she really likes my physical therapist which is not her physical therapist as well, and she says that she sees slow improvement. That’s great; merely the fact that she says this 🙂

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