Hello Lake!

It is in the upper 70s, even taking into account “cooler by the lake.” And I worked from home, but the day was insanely busy with work, my conference, and taking mom to physical therapy. I didn’t even have time to go to a bike ride, and I didn’t leave the house before it was time to walk to mom’s house.

However, at 5 PM, will all things not done yet, I put a blanket and my iPad into a light backpack and marched out of the house towards the beach.

Yes, it’s April 12, I remember :). Yes, the water is cold (although I dipped my toes into it!) But there is nothing in the world that could bring me calm and peace of mind as the lake does!

I laid my blanket on the sand, and I laid down on my back. And although I brought my iPad with me, I had no desire to read even a paragraph. I was lying down on my back, looking up at the sky and taking the lake in.

There were lots of parents with children who came to the beach. The kids played in the sand, and I heard a boy playing with his friend exclaiming: that’s a gift store! Everything is free! And I thought: that’s what it is all about! The best thing ever is less than a ten-minute walk from my house, and that best thing ever is free, free for all of us, rich and poor, white and black, old and young… my lake… our lake.

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