First Kings Of Europe

This Field Museums exhibit tells the story of the first kingdoms on the Balkan peninsular.

The international group of museum curators and historians started to work on putting it together back in 2015. Everybody knows what happened next, but this exhibit faced more challenges than any other, including expiring grants. Now, the exhibit is finally here, at the Field Museum, showing the historical objects from ten different museums in different countries, 700 objects which were never displayed together,

The whole exhibit is set up like a giant book, so that you walk through and turn the pages.

Most artifacts were found in the graves because that was a way for people to show off their wealth. Interestingly, most graves in the Balkans were not robbed, and there is an amazing number of unbelievably well-preserved objects of art!
These silver hair decorations were found in this small ceramic jar, pressed inside.
Golden earring, enlarged
This silver belt was buried with it’s owner
Scythian golden stag applique -from nowadays Hungary
The highlight of the exhibit: the golden collar and the golden headdress

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