And I Entrusted Everything…

It already happened twice with Boris’ iPhone, that it stopped working in a weird way. He hypothesizes that something got messed up when he saved a new wallpaper using the same filename. Whatever the reason, the symptoms are the same: the phone appears to work; however, the screen is not working (the hourglass is spinning instead). Twice, he had to take his phone to the Apple store to restore it to factory settings.

Now, imagine what I felt when last Thursday I went to the weekday solo escorting to the clinic, and five minutes, into my shift, I found my phone non-responsive! I saw a call from my friend coming to my watch, but I could not pick it up on the phone – the screen was black, although I heard the ringing! I tried to press all possible buttons, including reboot, and from the sounds the phone was making, I could see that the phone was functioning, but the screen leps staying black.

Next, I started thinking about what I could do. The nearest Apple Store was on Michigan Avenue. I could take an Uber there, but I can’t because my phone screen is not functioning! OK, I could probably take CTA if the Ventra card would work (it potentially could work, but I had no way to check). And it kept going – having the Apple wallet on that phone, using the phone as a hotspot… I recalled how Boris told me last winter when I dropped the phone in the snow, and it got wet: you entrusted this thing with everything!

That was true! To my huge relief, after about 15-20 minutes of being mute, my iPhone decided to end the strike, and the screen lit up again. However, I kept thinking: yes, I have literally everything on the phone, so what if???….

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