Ireland Day 4: Hill of Tara

My last day in Ireland was all about ancient history. First, we visited the Hill of Tara:

I know that pictures tell nothing about this place. It’s a feeling. It’s not that often that you visit a Christian site dated the 5th century A.D., but knowing that the place had a special meaning even during the Stone Age, gives it all a new perspective.

This place was visited by St.Patrick
Here, St. Patrick had a theological dispute with the Druid priest which resulted in the burning alive of the latter one
How it feels to be there…

I was walking around and taking endless pictures of “everything green,” although what I was trying to capture was not seen. Maybe, you could smell it in the air. Maybe, you could feel it under the surface of the earth…

Lia Fail – The Stone of Destiny

I am usually not so good in imagining how things looked like when there is almost nothing left. The Banqueting Hall, The Fort of Kings are mark just by the unevenness of the surface. But the air is dense, filled with the passions of the past, and you almost here the steps and the clanking of the armors…

I didn’t realize that this was going to be the ol gift shop we would come across on that day and didn’t stock up with enough souvenirs

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