Whatever you say, technology makes life easier. Sometime around Christmas, I received a notification about an unauthorized charge on my Visa. Not for the first time, and as usual, the card was blocked, and a new one was issued immediately. What surprised me, though, was how painless the credit card replacement happened. Previously, the change in the credit card number would result in going through a dozen and dozen automated payments and websites, and you would still forget to change it somewhere and miss a payment. This time, the card in my apple wallet was replaced automatically. For most of the online and/or scheduled payments, I didn’t need to do anything – the card number was automatically updated! I was shocked – my life didn’t get disrupted at all.

An even bigger surprise happened with my iPhone upgrade – that was the first time in my life that I didn’t have to call customer support and didn’t need to resubmit any passwords or anything – the switch happened with zero hassle. The only thing I had to confirm was adding my credit cards to my Apple wallet, but again, no numbers to punch, just a confirmation.

I even didn’t need to reconnect my AirPods! Probably the only thing I needed to add was my FaceId :).

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