PGSQL Phriday #004 Recap

I am very thiankful for the opportunity to host the January edition of PGSQL Phriday series. I hope that this series will continue and more people will join the discussions!

The World of Data

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the January PGSQL Phriday topic! I suggested “Postgres and Software Development,” while being very well aware that this topic is not popular in the PostgreSQL community. To be completely honest, I thought that it was possible that only Ryan Booz would contribute! 

That being said – a big thank you to everyone who participated! Please find a summary of contributions below, and please let me know if I missed your post!

The first person to contribute was Andreas Scherbaum with his blog post PGSQL Phriday #004: PostgreSQL and Software Development. Andreas had a huge advantage as he could summarize the information from over 140 interviews he conducted for his “PostgreSQL person of the week” series. His blog post mainly focuses on what people are saying about the development for PostgeSQL – patch submissions and other details of how PostgreSQL…

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