Doing Christmas Things With Mom

For the first three weeks of December, my life was so full of different activities that I rarely came home before nine. I told mom that I would take her out to do Christmas things during Christmas week.

Since she no longer takes public transit alone, I could only take her out when I work from home and can pick her up.
It all worked great on Wednesday, and I took her to the Chrstkindle Market and the Chicago Christmas tree. The weather was ideal – it was around 30F, and no wind or snow, and we spent more than two hours outside. I was really glad that mom didn’t complain about “how everything is so expensive” and seemed to accept that the holidays allow spending more on fun things. She liked the food and enjoyed looking at the Christmas ornament without looking at the price. She thanked me for the good time and told me that she felt the Christmas spirit and the holiday atmosphere. Which is more than I could expect, so I am marking it as a success.

(I was hoping for fewer crowds, but by that time, everybody knew that the snowstorm is coming and that Wednesday would be effectively the last day of the market)

4 thoughts on “Doing Christmas Things With Mom

  1. Аааааааааа, сколько красоты )))
    Игрушки меня поразили
    Флаги! Яичница! Скорая помощь, музыкальные инструменты, машинки, карты )))


    1. Так. оказывается, твои комменты все равно попали в спам, но теперь я их оттуда вытащила, и теперь они туда больше попадать не будут. Так что можешь комментировать! Красота – да, совершенно невероятная. СтОит оно все безумненько, но – как в музей :). У меня из этого магазина за все эти годы одна игрушка – колыбелька от Аннушки, когда они объявляли о первой беременности


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