Weekend Highlights

It’s already Wednesday evening, and I still didn’t blog about our weekend with Anna’s family. We all had a great time, but somehow I find it difficult to put it in words – what exactly was so good? I had many worries that somebody might get sick, including me, or something else won’t work, but everything worked perfectly. 

Maybe not “perfectly,” because the weather was not cooperating, and Kira didn’t get enough sleep the first night, but still, it’s amazing how many boxes we checked!

Still, the best part was having all these tiny precious moments. Kira said: Baba’s house is so beautiful! – when she saw all the Christmas lights I left on. Nadia loved the kitty purse I bought for her in Helsinki. Both girls marched to the kitchen after they woke up and hung out with me, letting the parents have some sleep. Nadia said to me while we were in Ryan Educational Center at the Art Institute: Baba, please don’t help me; I want to be challenged. 

Here is a list of all the Christmas activities from the past weekend:

  • Merry Merry Chicago concert on Friday night
  • Having people over on Saturday mornings
  • Going to the Steadfast Tint Soldier at the Lookingglass theatre (a beautiful show, but for a little bit older children or adults)
  •  Having late lunch/early dinner with Vlad
  • Decorating sugar cookies with edible markers
  • A visit to the Art Institute (Miniature rooms, Napolitan creche, and a whole hour of crafts)
  • Going to the Christkindle Market (even though it was too windy and cold)
  • Also, there were lots of conversations, lots of chocolate ornaments from the Christmas tree, and lots of cookies.

Nadia continues to amaze me being so mature, responsible and in control of herself, and Kira continues to amaze me with the speed her vocabulary grows!

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