Christmas Is Getting Closer

Yesterday, we were decorating cookies in the youth shelter. It was very challenging this time to find a day that could work. Thursday was the only one that was somehow acceptable, and the only time I could come was after six. The staff was decorating a tree, and there was a lot of motion, so first I was not even sure whether I could fit with my cookies.

I brought a whole bunch of baked undecorated cookies and also some dough, but when I came in and saw how busy everybody was, I realized there was no room for more baking.

After all, I was happy with the results: several residents came to decorate, and the little kids were amazingly patient, so we went through about two dozen. There were no amazing artistic talents like in 2019, but we did decently. I loved this very unexpected decoration of the snowflake:

Today I took the whole day off to catch up on life and decorate the tree. It was the first time I ordered delivery and installation; all things considered, it was worth it! Same as last year, I ordered from the Gethsemane Garden Center. I picked a tree on Wednesday, and it was delivered today.

Ideally, I wanted it to be a little bit taller, but turned out that eight feet is a non-standard size! Also, I realized that I didn’t bring one of the boxes from the storage, so some of the missing stuff was found, and I remembered that I wanted a new star… well, now, there will be a lot of amazon returns!

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