Doing Things With ODS

I ended up doing things with the youth from the shelter for two days in a row. Yesterday, we went to Christkindlemarket together, and today we went to the Steppenwolf Theater to see the world premiere of the play The Bald Sisters.

Yesterday was great! It was probably the same thing as with skating, which is that people didn’t quite figure yet that Christmas is already here. There were almost no lines for food and drinks, and you could get close to all the booths and see everything very clearly.

It was 55F outside, and it could not be a better time to wonder around. We drank hot chocolate, and gazed at all pretty ornaments,

The only thing that spoiled the fun was a sudden heavy rain right when we were choosing the star for the shelter. I started this tradition several years ago, and since then, it is my annual gift for the youth. I bought the star they chose, but we had to run fast in order not to get completely wet!

In the Steppenwolf Theater, we saw the Bald Sisters show. It was the pre-run for the veterans. As it turned out, ODS is being invited for this event every year, but it was the first time I went. It was great that I could socialize with the youth before the playm but as for the play itself, I have mixed feelings. It talks about serious things, but I felt it was just touching the surface, I do not regret coming, but mostly because we had great conversations before the start of the show.

And now, there will be time for cookies decoration and the holiday party, so December in the ODS is going to be great!

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