Done With The Mice. For Now

Hopefully, the latest season of “mice and me” is over. After two weeks of being unable to schedule and miscommunications, a person who was going to take care of the mice hole in my kitchen was here!

Originally, it was supposed to be a big project. For a while, exterminators who came to my apartment said they did not know where the hole was. Then, in summer, an inspector said it looked like the hole was behind the kitchen cabinets. That sounded terrifying because I have granite countertops, and there was no easy way to disassemble them.

We discussed it with our building handyman several times and finally agreed to cut the back of the cabinets and try to locate the hole. But when another guy who takes work from him arrived, he said – how about we open the boards on the bottom of the cabinets? And he did, and then he was able to locate the hole and stuff it without any cabinets cutting!

My only question is, why the inspectors, whose job is to identify where mice are coming from, could not figure this out, and this person could? Oh, and he cleaned behind the stove where we set a new trap, and after he had left, he called me to say that if I see a mouse, I should call him, and he would come for free.

So why we have our biannual mice inspection in the building and most importantly, why we pay for it?!

2 thoughts on “Done With The Mice. For Now

  1. I know where most of the mouse holes are in my apartment. Each is guarded by a welcoming box of poisoned kibble. The rodents return the favor by dying elsewhere. Generally, they just mummify. For many years, the building management company only allowed cats as pets… I wonder why?

    (Yes, since then the building has gone to the dogs and don’t coming looking for an apology for the pun:)

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    1. Oh, I have these poison thingies, which supposedly make them mummify, but when I know where the hole is, I would rather reduce the number of corpses in the apartment, no matter whether they smell or not 🙂


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