Chicago PUG Meetup

On Tuesday, I hosted the second live meetup after the pandemic. I should have felt less anxious, but I didn’t. It was the first time I had invited speakers, and not even locals – people traveled, they made an effort to represent their company. Also, although I had a lot of RSVPs, the whole even was in danger because it was the day of the first snow, and nobody in Chicago wants to be out on the first day of snow unless they really need to be out.

Since most people have an option of working remotely, I was afraid that I will end up with zero participants. Fortunately, people came, although only half of those who RSVPed, but I was happy and thankful to everybody who came!

2 thoughts on “Chicago PUG Meetup

  1. The anxiety inspired by this kind of uncertainty would awaken me way too early in the morning until I decided to interpret the feeling as excitement for the task at hand instead. Was there something I could do at that moment? No? Then sleep was usually an option.

    Still, I never did quite become accustomed to it. I’m happy to be done with it, even though my “event” was but once a year.

    This is a round-about way of saying “I know how you feel.”

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    1. Thank you for understanding :). I do not mind having this anxiety from time to time, and I guess I will have it while I am running this meetups – I’ve been doing it for six years now, and it does not change!


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