Chicago PUG is live again!

The World of Data

Today we had the first live meetup after …
You know, I do not even count my two attempts to resume live meetups a year ago. I can’t compare them to the meetup we had today. Today was a blast! It was back to the old days and even better.

Fewer people than I used to have pre-pandemic, but a dozen people showed up, and we had pizza and drinks, and we socialized before the presentation. Several long-lost members came, and even some people who started to attend virtually during the pandemic attended for the first time in person.

I took the risk upon myself and did both hosting and presenting, and it went great! The tech team rehearsed with me three times, making sure there were no glitches and experimenting with different setups until we found the perfect one. I didn’t need to take care of the food and…

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