More Travel

Thinking about this week in Spring when we had both Nordic PG Day and PG Day Paris, I can feel the difference – there was too much travel for me this time! I didn’t need to travel anywhere for Nordic because I was already in Helsinki, and there was a one-day gap between Nordic and Paris. And now, I had to travel to Amsterdam and then skip a part of Uptime to travel to Vienna. And I was so tired! I will never do it again! Probably, I should have just traveled to Amsterdam directly from Chicago.

The PG Day Austria went really well. Although there was no emerging dessert table, the conference venue was splendid, and the talks were great.

My presentation went better than in Amsterdam, partly because there was more time and partly because I fixed a couple of issues.

Teo things not related to the conference were awful. One was that the weather in Vienna turned twenty-five degrees colder on the day of the conference. I booked the later flight to spend Saturday in Vienna, the day you won’t enjoy being outside.

That’s where the conference took place
And the first day was not so bad – especially when you can walk in the vineyard!

The second thing was a ridiculous situation on Friday at dinner. Boris and I, and two of my former co-workers, went to dinner after the conference. The place was by Schloss Shonbruune (the conference took place at the events space in the castle), and first, it was just a slow (but bearable) service, and then they completely forgot about the two desserts we ordered, and after almost an hour of wait, Boris went to yell at them. Everybody was tired and exhausted, and that completely spoiled the impression of the otherwise very nice place.

Pumpkin soup
Boiled beef
A conference t-shirt was again too large, and that’s a pity, because it’s quality was really good. The hat was from one of the sponsors

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