Greenfield Village: Eagle Tavern

Today is Thursday, and my Michicgan visit already seems far away. However, I have at least two hundred pictures which I didn’t show yet, and I want to share at least some of them.

Here are more pictures from the Greenfield Village – the place where we had lunch.

The name of the place is Eagle Tavern, and it was operating in Clinton, MI in 1850. The tavern owner were also farmers, and they served pretty much what they grown on their farm.

We liked that the tavern preserved the atmosphere of 1850s, but at the same time, it’s not a theater, it’s the place where you can have a simple good meal. Both Lena and I agreed, that although our meals were very non-pretentious, they tasted great!

The tavern was large enough to have a separate room for women. However, these days, everybody eat together
Locally produces bread and butter
Pimm’s cup
Lena’s meal with trout.
Peach pie

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