Model T Ride

The only thing which was not perfect with this trip was the weather: it was bare 70F, and it rained on Saturday evening, but honestly, the weather did not stop us from having fun.

We spent the whole Sunday in the Henry Ford village and museum; we arrived 15 minutes after it was open and left 15 minutes before it closed. We hardly saw a half of everything, and my brain was exploding with all the new information! I won’t have time to blog about everything, so there will probably be bits and pieces, not necessarily in order of importance.

Speaking about Henry Ford and Model T, you can’t stop feeling the mixture of amazement with the greatest human mind achievements and, at the same time, the realization of all nowadays environmental problems starting back then.

That’s where it all began!
Waiting in line for Model T rides
Our turn had come
On board Model T. It is bumpy:)

It would take eight days in the house-driven carriage to get from Chicago to Detroit; that’s why the trains were so popular. But with the train, you are limited by the schedule, and you need to get to and from the railway station. The average speed of Model T was about 40 mph on the highways and 25 mph on the gravel roads, and that’s where it was used the most. The rural population was buying most of the cars because, in the city, there were many places you could walk to, and also you have streetcars and such. It was different in the countryside where there were fewer places where you could walk. Oh, and also – you only need to put gas into the car when you drive, but you need to feed the horse all the time! So it’s because of the farmers that these 50 million cars were sold!

And can you imagine the smell of the exhaust at the docking station?! You totally can believe the stories on the display:

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