Another New Mac – My Own

I got another Mac, and it is my own, and not Mac Air. I never thought I would purchase a Mac for myself, and the most recent model, but here I am.

There were a couple of things that I did for the first time with this Mac. my first trade-in (I traded in my old Mac Air), my first time applying, and getting an Apple card – for the sake of getting 0% financing for a year. They also said that I could order a physical card for this account – a “titanium card.” I ordered it; to be honest, I thought that the usage of the word “titanium” had no more to do with reality than multiple “gold,” “diamond,” or “sapphire.” But when the card arrived, it turned out that it was titanium! Which means it’s too thick to put her into my phone case.

But I guess, it’s OK since I have it in the Apple Wallet 🙂

Or and also, that was the first time I completely restored my new laptop from the time machine, and I was surprised that it actually worked (like I didn’t have to look for all the passwords and licenses one more time :))

2 thoughts on “Another New Mac – My Own

  1. I’ve owned a few Apple machines over the years and I still have my Mac G4 tricked out to a full 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. It gets used maybe three or four times a year. I’d probably have a new Mac for day-to-day use but that would be more than I can afford, not so much the machine itself (though that is an issue) but the software. I do like the Mac in general though I’ve owned a few lemons…

    I actually use an old Compaq Prolinnea 486sx more often, about every fortnight on average. It boots in Windows 95 but I use it only as a “DOS box” since I do my finances using Borland’s dBase IV…

    If you’re living on a limited income & savings, Linux is affordable and practical though some of the free software is work in progress quality.

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    1. New Mac IS expensive no matter the fixed income or not. That’s why I took this 0% financing. I know people who prefer Linux for a number of reasons, but I am not ready to make such sacrifice 🙂


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