Chicago Adventures With Lena

Yesterday, my friend Lena from Ann Arbor came to visit me for the weekend, and today was a blast! Not even mentioning how much I enjoy Lena’s company, what a fun person she is, but we did tons of cool things together.

We started the day with the Millennium Art Fair on Michigan Avenue, where I bought two rings with flowers inside, and Lena bought a pair of earrings with butterfly wings (they explained to us that they collect the wings from dead butterflies).

Then we went to a Chicago Architectural Center tour, “Walking History.” Most of the buildings we saw were new to me, in terms that I didn’t know about their history and architectural significance.

Both Lena and I loved the old Art Deco Motoclub building (Ford 1928 model inside)

Then, we returned to CAC to see the exhibit “Energy Revolution” – extremely informative and eye-opening exhibit.

We went for lunch to the Goddes and the Baker

… and then headed to the Art Institute to see the Cezanne exhibit, and the new Egyptian room (not so new anymore, but new for Lena).

Then, at Lena’s request, we stopped at the Lurie Garden, and could not leave 🙂

Then we returned home to have some rest and dinner and then headed back to the Loop to see the “Life After” play at the Goodman theater.

The only drawback was on our way home: while we were waiting for a train, somebody threw a firecracker (inside!) which produced a sound like a gunshot. Given the current situation in the city, it resulted in some panic, but fortunately minor. Still, it was somebody super stupid…

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