Summer Soltis In Helsinki

Helsinki greeted me with rain and barely 60F, but today is sunny, and isn’t it great to be so close to the North on the Summer Soltis?! I do not think I saw any dark last night:). Somehow, 63F seems miserably cold in Chicago but feels perfectly summery in Helsinki.
And the bike paths! And the ability to bike everywhere, and the parks so close to the city center! Yes, as much as I complain about missing out on two weeks of Chicago summer, I enjoy these days in Helsinki – a perfect summer in a different way.

Rainy day
I think that my lake looks more like a sea than that sea 🙂
Pear ice-cream

2 thoughts on “Summer Soltis In Helsinki

  1. Helsinki would be a beautiful place to be this time of year with beautiful long sunny days, I bet. Your pictures are stunning. Hope you enjoy your time.

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    1. I am – and thank you! I hope you are also enjoying these couple of longest days of the year and some sunshine! I know that it works miracles for the state of mind and soul 🙂


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