My mood regarding the war is going up and down. I was excited yesterday when several western leaders arrived in Kyiv and made all their announcements. Today, I hear the comments that “we need to think about our future relationships with Russia, after the regime in Russia changes.” First, this regime must change, and I don’t believe it will change unless Russia is defeated. I hope that everybody understands that…

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  1. I expect you’re right about the prospects for regime change in Russia, yet defeat is no guarantee of regime change and even less for a benign change of regime. And then there are those “unforeseen” circumstances that could complicate matters…

    Quite frankly, if I were Ukrainian, I would trust my friends only somewhat more than the enemy. I thought Ukraine Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov was quite diplomatic yet clear about Ukraine’s goals:

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    1. I agree with him 100%. The annexation of Crimea was an annexation, there is no other way of viewing it. Crimea is legally a part of Ukraine, and even if the referendum would be conducted in a proper manner, the people’s referendum is not a basis for invading another’s country territory. This way, Finland could say: well, the Soviet Union took 11% of our territory after the war, and there is no Soviet Union anymore, thereby there are no obligations. We are going to reclaim this territory. And trust me, it’s very likely that the majority of the population of Corelia would gladly vote for joining Finland:). Would this be justified? No, because laws are laws.

      As for regime change, I mean something as drastic s the defeat of Nazi German, not less, followed by a new Nuremberg Trial. It’s on my generation, that we didn’t have “another Nuremberg” in 1991. Lithuania did it, and look at them now!

      So I completely agree with Reznikov, and completely support him (only that I do not see enough movement from our side).


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