Computer History Museum

Still more from our California trip: on our second day, we visited the Computer History Museum.

This is an absolutely awesome museum! I took tons of pictures, and there is no way I will be able to tell about everything I saw. One thing I wanted to mention: I am shocked that such a museum does not have any public transportation access! It’s unbelievable! I am very grateful to my friend who suggested this museum and took us there – I won’t be able to visit it on any of my conference-related trips.

Pre-historic computers:

Introduction of punch cards:

Did you know what was the original purpose of the punch cards?

Analog goes electronic:

Core memory 🙂
Enigma cipher machine
Another memory
Some familiar books 🙂

Something more familiar
Programming languages

Apparently, I can’t stop! So let me just say – there was more to see! And that was one of the coolest museums I ever visited!

2 thoughts on “Computer History Museum

  1. I am very ashamed to say – I am not sure (because I am not really into it), but I think that my friend spotted something (and I just didn’t pay attention). I was more fascinated with the fact that some of the computers I’ve started my professional career with were there.


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