San Juan Bautista Mission

One more part of our California trip. Our friends wanted to take us to see a mission, and I liked this idea a lot because I saw one. Moreover, I didn’t even know about these catholic missions, nothing about that part of the US history. And there was so much to see and to learn!

Our hosts’ original plans were altered by the Memorial weekend traffic (frankly speaking, after living for a year without a car, I forgot how it feels when you can’t go anywhere without a car!) But we all agreed that this change of plans worked well – there was so much more to see at the San Juan Bautista Mission!

Several rooms in the main building
I didn’t know that this Medieval notation was still in use in the 18th century!
A stunning view from the mission hill

In addition to the main building, there are many others which are preserved with historic accuracy, including the stables (which now host a collection of old vehicles), a guesthouse and adobe.

A teamster room
Very relevant even today!
The tools shed
The hotel

And believe it or not, it was only a half of our day one!

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