Beautiful Vilnius

Most of these photos were taken on our first day in Vilnius after we got down from the Gediminas Castle and walked around the city endlessly until we could not take in any more of its Medieval beauty.

There were signs of support for Ukrain everywhere, and there were refugees everywhere. The unmistakable families, mothers with children, older people, dressed a little bit too warm for the weather. We overheard the conversations, the Facetime calls with the loved ones, the talks about whether somebody should go to Germany. On Friday, our tour guide told us that there are about 50,000 official refugees in Lithuania, and with the family members joining those who worked in Lithuania before there could be twice more. It’s a lot for one-million Vilnius and for three-million Lithuania, but not even close to the load with Poland carries.

Still, the support expressed by everybody is enormous, and after learning more about the history of Lithuania we understand why!

The cake from the “chocolate restaurant” – we went there twice, first time just to look at the chocolate and to have coffee with chocolate cakes, and the second time – right before departure, to take chocolate home 🙂
The all-chocolate cake. We skipped dinner 🙂

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