Russia Closed It’s Borders. Quitely.

One thing that Boris nor I realized until today was that Russia closed its borders from the inside. He only found it out when he was boarding the bus – the bus driver checked the passport and the vise and “a reason” that would allow a person to travel. Visa is not enough anymore. It has to be either a working visa, a resident card, or a passport from another country. I was shocked that nobody mentioned it earlier, and I have no idea when it happened because there was nothing like that at the beginning of March. And that’s precisely what I am afraid of – that he won’t be able to get back to Finland one time.

I don’t understand why people say that “the whole world turned away from Russians,” while in reality, the Russian government does worse to their citizens than any other country.

Another thing which we wonder about is the large number of Ukrainians traveling from Russia to Finland. If you are in Russia, it is understandable that Finland is the only way out. But I wonder why so many people with Ukrainian passports are in Russia at the moment. Boris says it was half of the bus, plus two more people boarded at the checkpoint. He says they were asked to go to the border control before everybody else and that everybody was exceptionally respectful toward them. Could they be the people who were “liberated’ by Russians? But then, why and how are they allowed to leave the country?

And once again, about “Moskva.” I heard two interviews, one of the retired US admiral and one of some British expert, and they both second what Boris “decoded” from the official statements. Boris still says that it should have sunk within minutes, and that’s what Ukraine states. I am a little bit afraid to be happy, but I am.

17 thoughts on “Russia Closed It’s Borders. Quitely.

  1. About border crossing: the rules are different for road, train and air border, that is why you did not know. It is strange, but while by air and train you can just leave the country, by road transport you have to have “reason”, and that was established ago due to covid.


    1. Are you sure we are talking about the same restrictions? These are from the Russian side, and I can’t imagine there could be any COVID-related restrictions to LEAVE the country, not entering the country. And they are applied not only to Finland. As for restrictions to enter Finland, you had to have a “reason” through most of COVID, and I am intimately familiar with this list, and how it changed.


        1. So you know what it turned out? I looked it up, and by the letter of the law, these restrictions are up there regardless of how you travel :). So it’s just a question of whether they are enforced or not. Which is possibly even worse.


    1. I was just curious about why somebody would choose this way of evacuation when there are simpler choices available


      1. Они большей частью просто не могут выбирать, их вывозят насильно. Ну и потом, конечно, хотят уехать как можно дальше и как можно быстрее.
        Вот статья о том, как помогают таким беженцам


        1. Про то, как вывозят, я знаю. Но я слышу, что после этого выбираться обратно сложно. Хорошо, если получается.


      2. Maybe these people are leaving from separatist-occupied areas? There may be no ohther way out of there other than through Russia…

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  2. In spite of what happened in 2014 there were still many Ukrainian citizens living and working in Russia – Moscow and St.Petersburg used to provide more job opportunities than Kiiv or other Eastern European capitals. Some of them started fleeing from Russia after the war began.
    Hettie, does B. plan to travel to Russia again? It feels really unsafe nowadays…

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